Hell on Wheels

Well Folks, What can I say? The past couple of weeks have been a computer nightmare. According to helpful souls we were either hacked or upgraded out of existence. The many fixes of the blog (we tried desperately to revive the patient) were unsuccessful. Hopefully we will be able to move that version of Henri to another site soon and we’ll link there for older articles or we may be able to stash back here. Please be patient. In the meantime we will use this loaner (as it were) while our porsche is being repaired! My frustration with WordPress and my own lack of computer knowledge knows no bounds! Anyway we will continue with our series on Popular Culture in haste! I am currently re-writing two of the posts lost in the horror of the computer netherworld and those will be up later this week (hopefully sooner.) The always fabulous Mario Naves will be discussing the vagaries of Branding, Style and Fame with me in an upcoming post and we hope to get a few more souls on board as well. In the meantime…

The season in Chelsea and around NY has started with a whimper. Never has so much been made about so little. I think this has a lot to do with the current economic and political season that has begun as well. If you don’t live in NYC it’s kind of hard to understand, but there are so many millionaires per square inch in this town that you are hard pressed not to step on one as you leave your front door. Right now those folks are QUAKING in their boots. By the new year this town will be in a new place, and there will be a lot of folks without the means to participate. Investment bankers, traders, funders and the like are looking for the door and loading their pockets (with tax dollars) as they go. Our little art world is about to drown in their flop sweat. For those of us who saw the early 90s, that’s gonna look tame in comparison. What we don’t need is another period of self loathing and PC installation work – so try to keep that in mind as we go, please….

Don’t be surprised if we change the look of this thing. I liked the very simple format we had, but alas, it no longer works with this version….We’ll try to keep you appraised of what’s what. If things go wonky again just check us at our main page Henri.