Just a quick mention of a couple of things.

The fabulous Jackie Saccoccio has put together an ongoing collaborative show for the Art Production Fund at 15 Wooster Street-

BlueBalls examines the transitory nature of the creative moment, the acquisitive character of the viewer and the curious longing that occurs between the two. 15 artists have been invited to self-install and work atop one anotherʼs pieces in staggered time frames. Poised behind a glass façade, this collaborative artist project will transform weekly as the next round of artists amplifies the collective. This accumulation can be viewed only from the street.

The show continues throughout November!

The irrepressible Michael Zahn is currently showing at PS1 in a show curated by Phong Bui entitled Minus Space. Minus Space is a collective of abstractionists, and there are a lot of interesting ideas being thrown about by the collective – they have one of the best sites for art and ideas on the net. For this show Michael has replicated the Macintosh Trash Can in 3D and installed it in the notorious PS1 Basement – computer programs come to life and the boundaries between avatars, icons and aesthetics gets a bit hazy! The show is chock full of recent reductive abstraction and interesting ideas. It runs through January 19th.

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