Can’t Help It…

I don’t usually do this without a reason. I try to use videos to augment a concept. But in this case I’ve had this music pumping in the studio for the last couple of days, and I thought what the hell (having a blast!) So I won’t bore you further with exposition and share the experience.

3 thoughts on “Can’t Help It…”

  1. I am astounded. I never like this kind of stuff — but I loved it. Maybe it was that I understood the guitar riffs. Maybe it was the beauty of the performers. Maybe it’s the wine I’m having before dinner. But I want to have it in my studio and see how it wears.

  2. You see, all these interesting mind-blasting ideas about the tipping points, about color, lights, space, concept, but a tiny music piece gets the comments..

    These guys stand on Frank Black’s shoulders obviously..

    How is your painting, any new works to see ? Best regards, Hans

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