Mit Jai Inn, Rudolf Polanzky, Andreas Reiter Raabe

Mit Jai Inn, Rudolf Polanzky, Andreas Reiter Raabe

Gesso Artspace
33 Maria Lassnig Straße 1100 Wien

January 2023

Mit Jai Inn, Rudolf Polanzky, Andreas Reiter Raabe
Gallery view Gesso Artspace January 2023

The mantle of abstraction specifies certain processes which articulate presence through repetitive engagement with stuff. Its sectarian lineage is traced to the recorded sensations of Cezanne. Novel derivations search for unanimity to be found in objects which likewise might be considered elemental. This is a materialist endeavor crossing fields of tension at odds with perception.

The array of works in this exhibition by Mit Jai Inn, Rudolf Polanzky, and Andreas Reiter Raabe resemble artifacts excavated from a lost period. Presented as markers of series in each artist’s inventory, the works are rudimentary, transient, and opaque. Like stone tools, they are embedded in the stratified moment of their making.

The overall effect of this presentation forms a crust which resists the gaze, and by intention creates a distance evocative of a shared time which thwarts recall. In wishing to be seen as archaic, these three artists express a contemporary desire. In turn they become modern, or even meta- modern. Their works are thus paradoxically situated in the continuum understood as now, ruled as it is by coincidences of opposites.

Mike Zahn 2023

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