Paul Corio @ McKenzie Fine Art

Paul is opening his new show at McKenzie Fine Art on September 9.

Paul Corio These Foolish Things 2022

Paul Corio’s abstract paintings have long used highly disciplined sequences of carefully mixed colors within a varied framework of geometric motifs and patterns. In Corio’s work, color is paramount, whether ordered systematically in terms of value, hue, and saturation, or applied randomly and intuitively. As he notes, “I freely mix these two approaches – systems are only interesting to me to the extent that they create  a compelling image. If they don’t I discard or amend them to that end.”

Paul Corio: These Foolish Things 
9October 23, 2022

Highly recommend you go and see the show!

Paul also has a piece included in a group show entitled “Manscaping” up now at The Hole.
Manscaping looks at depictions of landscape today with a whiff of gender nonsense.” –

More info on Paul Corio:

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