A Precedes B – Mike Zahn

A Precedes B 

Works by Four Artists 

David Richard Gallery 211 East 121 Street New York NY 10035 

Opening 9 March 2022 Reception 12 March 2022 2-6 pm 

Mike Zahn 
A Basket of Flowers, 2022 Acrylic on canvas
78 x 82 inches 

Mike Zahn
Out of Sight Out of Mind, 2022 Acrylic on canvas
84 x 84 inches 

Mike Zahn’s paintings in this exhibition feature iconography drawn from scalable vector graphics. Depictions of boxes, shelves, and walls are rendered in a hard edge style. The flat color indicates a virtual space. Configurable panels determine an actual space through articulation of surface and edge. The works themselves, as objects, modify a shared space of the viewer. Their placement implicates all in the artifice of an abstract still life. The realist brown and beige of the boxes rest upon mimetic cues provided by the industrial gray of the shelf and the institutional green of the wall. These common constructions are symbolic evidence of visible dimensions which characterize the pictorial turn shaped by electronic media, and the contemporary networks of which things are a part. 

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