High Line Things

A couple of walks along the High Line a little while ago. Very few souls out and about – strange days.

Alexi Worth Autumn Leaves 2020
@DC Moore
Spencer Lewis Untitled 2020
@ Harper Books Gallery
George Condo Human Rage 2020
@ Hauser and Wirth

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  • Martin Mugar

    My memories of NYC are mostly from the 70’s and the early sixties.The early 60’s seemed to be stylish and the world’s fair was a lot of fun;remember they brought the pieta over from Italy.The 70’s were the pits.Just look at the French Connection to get a glimpse of the ugliness of the city. My daughter lived their until recently and my memories are mostly of the BQE in crazy traffic as we tried to get from Bushwick to Manhattan. The energy was overwhelming. Now all the new buildings seems as silent as sculpture;the pedestrians are gone.There is a kind of beauty to it. The Davos crowd thinks it is an improvement.

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