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Walter Robinson Stripper Cash 2018

My favorite works of the moment are Walter Robinson’s pulp fiction book cover style paintings…. They seem to hit the right note about this wrong economic time – superficial, desperate-for-cash, hanging on to the golden years at any price… [Walter Robinson with Phong Bui – interesting and entertaining interview]

500 Billion!!! – “Answering the first question, Trump suggested that an extended economic shutdown would result in more “death” than the spread of a virus that in best-case estimates would kill tens of thousands of Americans. Answering the question of who would provide accountability for the unrestricted distribution of half-a-trillion dollars, Trump’s response was even less promising: “I’ll be the oversight. I’ll be the oversight.”” [Matt Stieb on the 500 Billion Slush Fund]

U.S. Lawmakers Reach $2 Trillion Aid Deal – The White House and Congress struck a deal in the predawn hours to deliver $2 trillion in government relief to a nation increasingly under lockdown, watching nervously as the twin threats of disease and economic ruin grow more dire.
[NY Times This Morning]

“The deal was announced several hours—and into the wee hours of the next day—after a stock market rally for the ages. The Dow Jones Industrial Average posted its largest single-day gain since 1933 on news Tuesday that a deal was coming together. Signs of a major injection of cash into the economy appeared to give investors some solace as the U.S. reported an uptick in confirmed Covid-19 cases and braced for unemployment claims, which are reported this week, that are expected to have soared.” [WSJ ByJoshua Jamerson and Andrew Duehren]

Walter Robinson Keep It Coming 2018

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