from Battle Royale, 2019 – Milena Büsch – Felix Gaudlitz, Vienna – Mike Zahn – Summer 2019

Battle Royale, 2019 Felix Gaudlitz, Vienna

Wanting to discover the beauty of the world around her, a young bee named Maya leaves her hive to go exploring. On her adventures, she looks around the meadow where she lives, and meets other insects that live there. As many young creatures do, Maya spends a lot of time playing and having fun with her friends. The enthusiastic bee is constantly amazed by what she discovers while flying around the meadow.

Maya grows up in a hive with strict rules, and has several conflicts with the Queen’s adviser. When she discovers the villainous Buzzlina Von Beena’s plot to steal the Queen’s royal jelly, Maya is banished from the hive. With her best friend Willy tagging along, Maya meets a young hornet named Sting. Together they have to stop the plot, and the fight between bees and hornets before it’s too late.

Milena Büsch, Biene Maja / Maya blau, 2018

Wandemar Bonsels, The Adventures of Maya the Bee, 1912.
Maya the Bee, 1975; Maya the Bee Movie, 2014; Maya the Bee: The Honey Games, 2018.

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