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    Pittura Fresca

    Ventana “Oysters With Lemon,” Part I. January has been a bit dreary, but Ventana brings us color, form, beauty, wit and charm! Get out to see the show!        

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    Dennis Bellone – Broken Field

    “We can now modify Constable’s dictum and propose that art seeks the pure apprehension of natural fact wherever natural fact, as registered by the senses, is regarded as meaningful reality. Where it is not so interpreted we shall find some…

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    Just a quick mention of a couple of things. The fabulous Jackie Saccoccio has put together an ongoing collaborative show for the Art Production Fund at 15 Wooster Street- BlueBalls examines the transitory nature of the creative moment, the acquisitive…

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    Interview: Charlie Clough

    Charlie Clough has been quietly working behind the scenes for a few years. In the 1990’s his work took a deliberate turn away from the Postmodern discourse that was cementing itself into art institutions everywhere. In a 1991 Tema Celeste panel…