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Hints of the Return of Abstraction

IN the Artnet News section  a quick blast from a museum press release to start the salivating glands of the art buying collectors. The latest new "new" -


Who says abstract painting is all washed up? The Whitney Museum of American Art is greeting the fall season with an exhibition of new works in its lobby gallery by Los Angeles artist Mark Grotjahn, known for rugged abstractions characterized by radial sections and, sometimes, his own initials given ornamental weight. The show is organized by Shamim M. Momin.

Like the runway return of the "Russian Peasant Look" it seems we are about to undergo another fashionable retooling. I'm all about abstraction but there isn't anything NEW or particularly appealing about this work. I do think the drawings are far more interesting than the paintings. The idea in these paintings of a "one point visual perspective" has been mined thoroughly, and one has only to go back to the very early experiments of Ross Bleckner, Richmond Burton and Sean Scully to see recent precedent. Grotjahn's  painted ideas are extremely close and the visual results in some cases are very similar. For all this pre-opening publicity bluster he is yet another competent painter working in an academic style.

I think we are being primed for a look at the very similar.

2006-08-04 12:27:14 GMT
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