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I’m not sure where Henri is going or what it’s going to be or how it will look.  It seems that talking and writing about Art is just about the most boring thing that anyone can do at this particular moment in time. And I hate to be a bore. The art world has changed and Art along with it. 

So I’ve been posting more on Instagram and Twitter than writing anything here. Just a picture & a short comment and then on to the next. We seem to prefer this kind of interaction. It’s far more economical.  

So let’s keep this short and simple – easy to see – easy to digest – easy to move past on your way to the next. But before you go have a look at this painting by David Row (new show at Loretta Howard) who along with a number of other abstract painters began the 1990s proposing a more “baroque” form of abstraction. 


Image result for david row painting
David Row, Split Infinitive, 1990, oil on canvas.

3 thoughts on “Perhaps this…

  1. I know what you mean. It seemed for a moment` we were shaking things up a bit with John Seed at Huff post chiming in. Robin Greenwood’s insights were apocalyptic to say the least. I got Gilbert-Rolfe formerly of CalArts to respond favorably to my blog on Laura Owens.He is a bit of an insider having worked and stayed close to John Baldassari. And I noticed Chris Wiley got worked up on artnet over Zombie Formalism now five years after the moniker was coined. Provisional painting discussions with Alan Pocaro seemed to point to a way out but does anyone care about it anymore as a distinct style of painting. I think the connection between ZF and the economy is valid but that connection will prove invalid if the economy collapses and there is real suffering. There has to be a scision sometime soon that allows for a new way of seeing.Gilbert-Rolfe’s interest in the subjectivity of Newman and Rothko might survive Grotjahn and Kassay. When Saltz gets the pulitzer you know something is not right.

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