Jerry gets it right with his review of the GUSTON EXHIBITION at Hauser & Wirth!

The lesson of his career is that in order to really be themselves all artists must find their inner Guston: an artist who foregoes easy answers, looks for and channels doubt and not knowing. An artist like this understands that he or she isn’t controlling their art — not really; that on some cosmic level art controls the artist. All great artists must be able to create a machine that can make things that they cannot predict.Even when they make what might be nightmarish or ugly to them.

Guston confronted aesthetic concerns of the New York School, questioning modes of image making and what it means to paint abstractly.

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  1. I was in Venice and come away with the same bewilderment about the destiny of self and self consciousness that the Caravaggio raises.This coupled with the reliance in so much abstraction on raw sensation that I addressed here
    leads me to believe the inability to put the parts back together or at least to witness the dissolution as a crisis as Guston did in his late work that this is an ongoing crisis that might not resolve itself in this generation. It involves the modernist taking apart but also the putting back together which is hard work.I addressed that crisis here:

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