Market in the Studio

Mario Naves sent around a really wonderful article on the economic changes to the art world. There’s also an interesting interview with Mario about those changes. I highly recommend it. But I thought I’d try something a bit more informal and different. I’ve posted this over at the Henri Facebook site. You’ll find some thoughts about the market and a few article links that show a small bit of the history of the economic art world.

The Link to the full post on Henri FB is below and do feel free to comment!


One thought on “Market in the Studio

  1. I think it is an misunderstanding. Art was never meant to be sold. Art was and is magic. Art was what was drawn on the walls of caves to calm down the gods and ghosts. You look at it and you feel a magic energy doing something with you. It transports energy, material and spirit over centuries. Who cares about how much Powhida makes per year if it is resulting in interesting images. There is so much good art out there which does not exist on the market. I find Smith art lame as I mostly feel so bored to see a Warhol in a show. I think the Gallery model is outdated as we can find new art adventures every minute on instagram or the internet. Dina Brodsky does it right- create interesting art, build your story and personal myth around it, create, paint, text, photograph, write, use all the tools and create your own followers and market. Try to make the most terrific images and put them out and see what happens… and btw

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