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Yeezus – money is a fickle thing. One crappy auction and the art press starts playing taps!
Has the Market for ‘Zombie Formalists’ Evaporated

“It’s the art world equivalent of a one-hit wonder, where sudden stardom and outsize demand for a particularly hot artist creates intense pressure, and has the potential to create unsustainable spikes in his or her market and career.”


The marvelous and controversial Stefan Simchowitz, who has become the face of the new Economic Modernist art world, had a few choice words to say about it. This guy is a pistol without a safety switch!

“Parker Ito, Christian Rosa, Lucien Smith, Hugh Scott Douglas, Nina Beier, Sam Falls. I have had dust ups in one way or another with every one of these artists. Remarkable watching the auctions. I do not manage or work with any of the above artists, and have not done so for some time. It has nothing to do with this dumb term Zombie Formalism. It has to do with poor decision making, greed, stupidity, over production, gallery mismanagement and general dumb ass behavior.”


ALSO there’s more about the gloomy market for the Zombies – just in time for Halloween. Here is Bloomberg – the financial world’s street level mouthpiece – ramping up the noise about fading demand. It happens all the time on CBNC – watch all their talk about companies like Apple or Facebook or the fading realities about Oil prices or the china stock market and you get a feel for how this Economic Modernist art world handicaps the winners and losers.

“The era in which you could buy something for $3,000 and sell it for $100,000 a month later is fully over,” Bill Powers, whose Half Gallery held Smith’s solo debut in New York in 2012, said in a phone interview. “And rightly so. That was unsustainable exuberance.”


Back in the clean world – My good friend, Paul Corio, has posted a new “Seen in New York” at Painters Table! Fantastic run down of the latest painting shows in NYC!

“Painting has been back in the limelight long enough that those reminiscences are starting to become distant memories, war stories of a kind that make my painter friends under 40 glaze over – what the hell do they care about the days when everyone thought Matthew Barney was God and the Biennial was a series of video booths that resembled a peep show? Like my young friends who didn’t live through that, I’m just going to look back on it with a shrug, if at all.”


And finally – There’s a show of Picasso’s late work and the extent of his influence on the following POMO generations at the Grand Palais. I think that’s as good an excuse as any to get to Paris – just to see this particular wall of Picasso paintings! Picasso Baby!

“The great stylistic phases (Cubism, last work), and emblematic works by Pablo Picasso (Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, Guernica) are put alongside contemporary creations, grouped by artist (Hockney, Johns, Lichtenstein, Kippenberger..), or by theme, in a great variety of media and techniques (video, painting, sculpture, graphic arts, film, photography, installation).”


Picasso mania

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