George Hofmann on Abstract Critical!

If you have a moment you should check out the always magnificent George Hofmann’s recent article on Gestural Painting written for Abstract Critical. George is one of my favorite painters/theorists/artists working today, and he’s asking all the right questions of us and of his own work. His main point of finding some emotion, some humanity and individuality in our work is not lost on me. The comments section also has some very interesting arguments about abstraction and emotion, gesture and authenticity. Highly recommended reading!

“The significant problem we are facing is the want of real emotional understanding: we are not versed in this in society, and not schooled in its precepts in art; sadly, nothing much today prepares us to perceive in depth – except, perhaps, at moments of true horror in life, when we face the inexplicable and the unfathomable – in art not at all.”

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