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Just a couple of things to share.

First – There is a double retrospective for my late friend Mark Wiener going on at a couple of buildings on the Avenue of the Americas. Chashama, the wonderful non-profit artist organization, is putting on the shows in honor of Mark’s life and work! A fitting tribute to a good friend.

“chashama is pleased to announce an exhibition of works by the late New York artist Mark Wiener (1951-2012), featuring two distinct groups of paintings representing new directions taken by Wiener in his last decade. Curated by Janusz Jaworski, the double retrospective in the Durst Organization’s lobbies at 1133 and 1155 Avenue of the Americas, runs through November 20th with viewing hours 8am-7pm, Monday through Friday.” from the Press Release.

Second – Paul Corio, the indefatigable impresario of abstraction, has written another wonderful run down of the current New York art scene for Abstract Critical. I’ve noticed recently a reassessment of painting from the 60’s and the 90’s, and Paul’s lucidly written article gives us a map to compare and contrast these kinds of abstraction. I highly recommend you check it out!

Paul’s opening paragraph:

“The New York art season opened earlier this month with what seems like an impossible number of shows in Chelsea, Bushwick, Dumbo, Midtown, and the Lower East Side, with still more dotting neighbourhoods off the beaten track. Are there really enough rich people to keep all these spaces afloat?”

And the answer to that, Paul, is “Yes, there are.” I know this, because there are thousands of square feet of expensive new condos being built in my little neighborhood. They promise “Bauhaus style living” – whatever the fuck that means…. If you build it, they will come.

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