Kwik Linx Update!

George Hoffman is featured on Anaba – Martin Bromirski’s wonderful Blog! I really don’t know where Martin finds all the energy – he sees just about EVERYTHING in NYC and sometimes beyond. He says that George’s show is “one of the best”! You really should check it out when you can.

Also this article in the Gallerist caught my eye. It details the coming season, and I thought it apropos regarding the issues of money, change and retro-culture in the art world.

“In a recent essay, the photographer Carter Mull lamented the “overabundance of nostalgic abstract painting in the world today.” And it is lamentable, but so, for that matter, is all the visually dead nth-generation post-minimalist conceptual sculpture, the half-baked ironic art and the overwrought political work. Though Mr. Mull particularly chastised the Lower East Side’s relatively green dealers for this pervasive conservatism, there, at least, it is somewhat understandable. Profits are smaller at their price points, and one rough season, one bad art fair, can spell disaster. Many L.E.S. dealers say their businesses are growing at steady, sustainable rates these days—and hence those expansions.”

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