Kwik Linx – Dog Dayz Edition

The lovely and talented Paul Corio has posted a continuation of our discussion on Retro over at No Hassle at the Castle. In it he takes our failed and discredited avant-garde to task:

“I know people having been writing about the death of the avant-garde for more than fifty years, but I mean it this time – it’s exhausted, and this is not a tragedy; the vast majority of the world’s great masterpieces have been made outside of this model. The avant-garde had a good run – more than a century – and was certainly responsible for some high-water marks, but that’s over now. And it’s OK, because there are lots of different ways to skin this particular cat.”

I believe his critique is a serious part of the discussion for a Post-Postmodern reformulation of painting itself. And there’ll be more of that discussion soon. Henri has been lost in thought and argument over the last few…Truly, not a pretty sight I assure you – a grown man talking to himself on busy street corners is not a socially acceptable proposition, unless of course there is the blue tooth receiver or ipod wires hanging from one’s ears. Sadly that has not been the case…

Do check out Paul’s excellent post!

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