Popular Culture – A Quick Visual Explanation of the Postmodern

A friend challenged me to explain what POMO and Popular Culture had to do with one another in 10 words or less. As I was about to launch into a thick explanation of why that can’t happen, I thought – fuck it. This clip will explain it far better than I ever could. So…I present without further ado…Postmodern visual discouse, contextual reformulations, media surface manipulations and massive Lens appropriations in the form of the Fabulous Daffy Duck who becomes a victim of all that POMO excess. I’m sure this sort of televisual theoretical immersion at a tender young age is why Postmodernism has become so prevalent among the art classes. This classic was made in 1951 – the same year Pollock was dripping away – and it is chock full of every POMO critical strategy EVER used. Why should I continue to write anything – I’ll just point to youtube and let Henri figure it out…I’m exhausted.

2 thoughts on “Popular Culture – A Quick Visual Explanation of the Postmodern

  1. A brilliant short – too bad most PoMo painting isn’t quite up to its standard! Pretty much everything in our culture is influenced, even saturated, with pop culture – politics, writing and art. Putting Daffy in a sailor suit (reference/wink at Donald Duck?)is much like the many references/links on today’s blogs and websites.

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