Ok – Henri is getting back on track once again. During this enforced sojourn I’ve been keeping up with the artosphere, and quite frankly, have been bored to tears. Crickey, the drivel that passes for meaningful discussion about Art is astounding. If I read one more defense of the Guggy’s Catalan show I think I’ll plotz. Seriously, haven’t any of us got the huge clanking balls, or even the little tinny ones, to walk away from this kind of posh display of disdain. Look, I know the wealthy collectors love it, and they’re willing to pay through the nose for it, but these empty, Rococo gestures of academic conformity are so done. Who, at this late, very late date in the history of Postmodern entertainment is shocked, skewered or bewildered by any of this? And if you think this kind of art is edgy or challenging you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Hanging rich men’s entertainment conceits to look like a billion dollar construction site in Dubai is kinda like building a peasant’s cottage on the grounds of Versailles for a clueless teenage princess….And we all know how that turned out. Douche Chills ensue…

Meanwhile I’ve been entranced by the various media dramas being woven about the economies around the world. As I write this CNBC, my incessant and darkest televisual fascination, is fully erect at the sales numbers coming in from Black Friday – the starting point of the Christmas shopping season. “U.S. retailers racked up a record $52.4 billion in sales over the Thanksgiving weekend…” It seems that American consumers are reverting back to the profligate use of their credit cards even as they earn less money, watch their home values plummet and teeter on the edge of financial ruin. That said I’ve never seen so many business men and women deep in the throes of monetary ecstasy. Watching this is almost like walking in on your parents while they’re having sex…eeewww! and worse, catching them really enjoying themselves…omg, I’m gonna hurl! OK…TMI. As for the economy – well, there have been so many reports lately about the shrinking middle class, the expanding class of poor, and the incredible unending redistribution of wealth that I’m having trouble keeping my everyday existence in perspective. Of course for the majority of artists this means an even bigger boot with an even thicker waffle sole stomping shoe prints on our necks. I have friends and family that I’m very worried about, that are bravely struggling – some I can help, some I can’t, and I find the whole mess – heartbreaking.

I have been in the studio making some black and white paintings that I’m very happy to see, and I’ve been thinking a great deal about the differences between the direction of painting as I see it and the Postmodern orthodoxy. We’ll have the final discussions for our Romanticism Series shortly…

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  1. Glad to see you back and please, please, please, feed us something to chew on beside stale Christmas cookies.

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