How I Spent My Summer Vacation

You name it and something crappy happened.
What can I say I’ve been preoccupied.

Check out a few things from the FOH –

Paul Corio interviewed by NY Arts.
Carla Knopp’s ambitious curation.
Hans Heiner Buhr’s wonderfully nasty painting – Nice one Hans!

The unbelievably venal summer, political bullshit, the eminent tanking of a fragile economy, the endless rows of yachts in Venice, the empty gestures by contemporary artists in the Biennale to make something, anything as memorable as the three Tintorettos, and the feckless online art world trumpeting their own self importance – All of it added up to a stress filled, deflated and uncompromising summer. And to add insult to injury it looks like we’re to blame. Fuckballs!

Henri will be back in the groove soon with our final post on Romanticism and some other goodies just for you…

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