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FOH (friend of Henri) Paul Corio has posted another of his series on Bad Painting – “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly part 6.” Paul engages, once again, with George Condo’s work to wrestle with the idea of “Bad Painting”. Over at immaterial-culture D. Richmond takes on Relational Aesthetics and Institutional Critique in a very personal post. Both are recommended reading!

Finally, for those of you who haven’t seen it – You Tube has the wonderful David Hockney’s Secret Knowledge television program. The program is a detective story filled with visual thinking. I don’t agree with everything Hockney lays out for us, but there are a lot of provocative thoughts and historic connections that we can build upon to get beyond our Postmodern aesthetic cul-de-sac!

Henri will be posting a piece on Romantic Vision that discusses many of these issues. However, it begins with a Not Safe For Work jpeg, and I just thought it best to alert those of you who are indeed at work and/or those of you who are a bit squeamish. No sense in pulling a Weiner if you don’t have to.

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