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I recently found Maureen Mullarkey’s blog Studio Matters through Mario Nave’s wonderful blog Too Much Art. Studio Matters is sharp, incisive and real. Ms. Mullarkey’s standards for Art are very high indeed and offer a challenge to each and every one of us that has a studio. Her last post entitled “The Responsibility of the Artist” really captured my attention and I felt the need to comment (absurdly I might add.) The summation is classic and the questions raised should be ringing in our ears every day…

“How to be of one’s time without succumbing to it? How to convey the nature of one’s time yet simultaneously create timeless work? There is no pat, easy answer to that. Only one thing can be said with certainty: that enduring art can only be made by artists aware of the nature of their time. That necessary wakefulness is no small thing to achieve. ”

I highly recommend you check out Studio Matters and put it on your required reading lists!

Additionally, you should check out Mario Naves’ response to Week In Weak Out. He has a concern about a certain term becoming part of the lexicon of art speak… and he’s probably right. All we need now is a bunch of POMOs running about contextualizing the term for their latest installation. Thanks Mario!

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