Tintoretto Gets His Due

It seems that some folks are starting to catch up with and crib from Henri. I’ve been making the case for Tintoretto as an important rule breaker and timely master for years. He’s been a big inspiration in my work, and when I’m in Venice, he and I spend a great deal of time together. I read a few months ago that the Biennale was going to include a few of his works in the curated show entitled ILLUMinations. They would be hanging right along with contemporary works and giving them a run for their money. I thought this was a wonderful idea, and a visually inspiring one, for many of us who will be seeing the exhibit. Jonathan Jones, one of my favorite critics, discusses Tinti and his rule breaking ways…

“…Picasso was painting his revolutionary works a century ago. He really was attacking the rules, and turned to El Greco as a strange predecessor. Do artists today need telling to break rules? Surely Tintoretto is more likely to look, in the context of the Biennale, like a fiery prophet of artistic crisis.”

Jonathan’s discussion is familiar ground here at Henri. But I think Jonathan may be missing a further point – today there are no rules – absolutely everything is art and there are no longer boundaries to cross – there are no structures, no forms, no philosophies. We are Post Historical. Instead what we have to “break” is our addiction to Postmodernism as a cultural form. Break our subservience to the toadying Corporate Fair Art that fills vanity museums and well funded institutions all along the art vacation circuit. We have to see rather than accept, we must use our eyes. And Tintoretto is all about the love of vision and thinking about what one is seeing.


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  1. a while ago I made a “Tintoretto-Blur” based an his famous work in Dresden “The Archangel Michael Fights Satan”, I called “Yes we can”

    see here


    Just yesterday I came here to look for a new post – but nothing and today, posted ! 😉

    Best regards

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