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d richmond at Immaterial Culture is starting a series on the historical development of the art academy.

“It is my opinion, that we are in a severe period of academization within the commercial art world. Not that this is news, this is a cyclic occurrence and it is a result of post modernism, post-modernism though as an actual historical condition rather than a conceptual conceit although the end result is that we are belabored with far too many works that are based on the conceptual conceit or more succinctly thinking within the box.”

Jonathan Jones has once again hit on the right nerve with his new post on Picasso’s VISUAL importance for the 21st Century.

“On first glance, Pablo Picasso is the last artist you would expect the 21st century to admire. He was unapologetically and aggressively selfish, not just in life but as an artist. He did not care if any other artist learned anything from him – he preferred to be unique. He has therefore not “influenced” a young artist since the days of Francis Bacon and Jackson Pollock. There is not much to connect his paintings, sculptures or collages with the art of this century.”

Jackie Saccoccio (“She’s the hinge around everything and everyone,’’ collaborator Nader Tehrani said, watching her work with the installation crew. “She brings the accidents and the subconscious compositions together.’’) has curated a show at RISD entitled COLLISION. “Hinge” or not, Jackie is a wonderful painter and a thoughtful curator.

Inspired by Robert Rauschenberg’s “combines” and his belief that the world can be viewed as a “gigantic painting from which to crop,” guest curator and abstract painter Jackie Saccoccio (RISD BFA ’85) invited 17 artists to contribute to the project….”

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