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Twenty ten is done, and we at Henri are a bit relieved. Not that it was a horror show of a year, it wasn’t. But it seemed endless as many long standing issues waited to be resolved. In other words it was a holding pattern year for Henri and many of our friends. Artists are still struggling as is the rest of America. But really – looking around at the year in review stuff has been as exciting as watching the laundry go round in the dryer. What we did see in the art world was a lot of business as usual even though the realities of the day to day world weren’t all that usual. Art fairs, auctions, and the anointed artists that float through our lives consolidated and shored up their market positions making the monolithic Postmodernist art world even tighter, smaller and more out of touch than ever. The one memorable thing was the AbEx show at MOMA. Newman and Rothko knocked me for a loop.

Henri has been quietly working on our Romanticism series looking for yet another way to make the case for something new, different, imperative and alive. Something not Postmodern, and most definitely, not reactionary. We’ve been been discussing our “visual conundrum” with some wonderful artists who are making things about life and art in fresh ways, and we’ll be posting these things as we get deeper into the Romantic mix.

In the meantime I’ve been looking for inspiration and communion. The first is Mario Naves’ recent post at Too Much Art about vision and perception. “Technology alters our capacity to perceive. The invention of the camera changed the game in a big way. And we become inured to convention.” These are issues close to our heart and they are a huge part of the unspoken problem that we have with our Postmodernist Culture. Mario is one of the best art writers around – always sharp, direct and specific. He is constantly on the look out for the overlooked and the things he finds often challenge one to take a second glance at one’s own preconceptions. Check it out.

For a bit of entertainment youtube is always great, and we at Henri often enjoy listening to mashups. This one featuring Brittany Spears and Metallica is beyond belief. The editing of the two videos, both optics and music is seamless. Absolutely wonderful – kudos to Faroff for understanding that disparate pop cultures may not be all that different. After emailing this link to a few sniggering friends I was heartily encouraged to post – so here it is to start your year…

Finally in the spirit of our discussion on Romaticism there was this video on Colbert’s Report of an interview with Bernard-Henri Levy about his new book written with Michel Houellebecq. The discussion really piqued my interest when they discussed (tongue in cheek) the difference between American and European “intellectuals” – the difference between thinking and feeling…

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Bernard-Henri Levy Pt. 1
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Henri hopes your new decade will be amazing!

4 thoughts on “A Brief Happy Happy

  1. Thanks for the Colbert clip — it made my day. We don’t subscribe to spendy TV (and it’s on too late anyway — no TIVO either)) and I forget to check Colbert out on my computer, so I always hope my friends will keep me posted.

  2. On the other hand, while the mash-up might be brilliant (I’m not in a position to judge) I found the satire a bit tiresome. Maybe the form is too foreign — I can sort of appreciate the “seamlessness” but so what. It’s the same old stuff — Philip Roth in video. So they can do video and music that mimics literary excellence. Well, that’s not so bad, now that I’ve put it that way.

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