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The new gallery season has started here in New York, kicked off with quite a bit of fanfare. But the truth behind the big show is that things do not look that much different from the way they did last season, or the season before, or the decade before, if you like. Big money is making sure that everything stays the same, and the galleries continue to suck up to the prevailing tastes. Cracking the monthly nut of rent, salaries and expenses keeps everyone in check. Aesthetic change is slow to show itself, if it shows itself at all these days. As for me, well, I’ll be frank, I’m exhausted from the sameness of what I’m seeing. Crickey mate, even Jonathan Jones is re-thinking his dismissal of Damien Hirst mainly because of Hirst’s recent financial “set-backs.” I feel like I’m trapped in a Ground Hog Day. So I turn to my studio and deliberately work to be different, to build on what I’ve made already, to deepen what I see.

I’m not the only one of course. There are many artists, everywhere, working diligently, pushing into their own visions. I wanted to have a look at that sort of commitment, and find out what drives others into their studios, how they come to see themselves in those spaces, how and why they make their work there. All of the artists in this series have bravery and dedication to their artistic lives that I believe to be be both honorable and commendable. What I found interesting in reading their blogs and seeing their work posted in progress was their growing understanding of what they were trying to accomplish and how they were going about it, the sacrifices and choices they were making – not only in their works, but in their lives. It takes guts my friends. They are a far flung bunch of aesthetes working, seeing, thinking and living in their studios as artists, theorists and human beings. I know you’ll enjoy what they have to say and what they show us of their lives.

Studio begins…

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  1. Yes, lets break with “art” to become artists. It was just a smart big lie for people not fitted for life ?

    You are right with your gut feelings, and I tell you again, art yet needs to become social and digital to regain influence again. I predict this needs to build up over the next 100 years. Some of the few things I liked recently is this

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