Quick, Dirty and Newsy

OK, the waves are rising and some Friends of Henri have decided to surf along with the tsunami of openings!
So here’s the quick and dirty scoop:

Mario Naves, artist and critic, is having a show of new work at Elizabeth Harris Gallery opening on September 9.

Jackie Saccoccio opens a new show with Jeffrey Gibson at Samson Projects in Boston.

Mark Wiener is in a group show entitled Mystery Tour at Tompkins Square Gallery opening on the September 11th.
PLUS: Mark and Linda DiGusta, editors of Resolve40 Art Magazine, have an article posted in the Huffington Post about the “art phenom” that is Governor’s Island!

Enjoy the new Season and best of luck to everyone!


I can’t compliment enough the recent criticism by Christian Viveros-Fauné in the Village Voice – tough, in-your-face, and razor sharp. The recent article on Warhol’s late work now on show at the Brooklyn Museum is superlative.

“What the faithful extolled then has become art-world catechism today. There’s Warhol’s forgiving celebration of superficiality as “the most brilliant mirror of our times,” his conflation of radical and blue-chip art, and the rock-sure faith in his escalating prices. Put in strictly Catholic terms, that is the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost of the Warhol cult. It’s enough to make one wish out loud for a glimpse of Martin Luther.”


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