the end of a long week…almost…

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My head exploded this week, and boy, it was a mess. BP, Halliburton and Transocean, the stock market, Postmodernism revived once again at Greater NY, and three contentious discussions about these very things, left me to deal with the fact that either I’m not being CLEAR ENOUGH with artists about what’s at stake, or most people just don’t give a good goddamn that nothing, absolutely nothing, has changed. All of which makes me sound like an out of control crank – and I hate that. So there I am watching Jon Stewart hoping for a laugh, when suddenly, out of nowhere I get a moment of vindication…. Thank you Jon – maybe I haven’t completely gone ’round the bend….

Plus Check out James Kalm’s wonderful walk through of GNY. In one CLASSIC throw away line James gives us the most marvelous and memorable critical assessment of Leidy Churchman’s work ever. I’ll leave it to you to discover and luxuriate in James’ genius!

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