reality_fate addendum

I think Edward Winkleman hit the nail on the head with this post concerning the #classexhibition that’s going on at his gallery. The exhibition was designed by William Powhida and Jennifer Dalton as a critique of the current Art Market system and it has been a gathering place for dissent. The problem with this exhibition and this “dissent” is that I haven’t read or seen much about CHANGE, as in aesthetic change or style change. I think Edward is getting that idea as well.

“At the height of Abstract Expressionists utter domination in the US art market, a group of very smart younger (non-stars at the time) artists dethroned the Ab-Exers…not through some clever manipulation of the market system, not through calls for new regulations or new laws, but instead WITH THEIR ART!!! Most notably, Jasper Johns mocked abstract expressionism with (among other works) his canvas titled “Painting with Two Balls” (see above) so effectively that along with similar efforts by Rauschenberg and Stella, etc. it essentially disemboweled the dominance in the market of Ab Ex work.”

STYLE CHANGE my friends. This is exactly what we have been talking about and doing here on Henri! Postmodernism has had it’s time. It’s DONE. Acceptance is not the same as Change.

“The response to my plea for the artists in the room to recognize their power, however, was lukewarm. Complaints about Johns being a “genius” and such episodes in history not being available to the vast majority of working artist threw a wet blanket over my pep talk. Wallowing in self-pity is apparently so much more comfortable than changing the world. I get it.”

Art is not a job, nor is it a “career.” It’s your life! And that makes up the reality of our studios, our commitments and our consequences.

reality will continue….

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