Buchel-ed Up

Wow! Lots of legal stuff going on these days. Buchel’s case against Mass MOCA was reversed in the appellate courts. Donn Zaretsky mentions the decision as a win for artists. “The Court forcefully held that VARA applies to unfinished works, and clearly rejected Mass MoCA’s “contention … that the unfinished installation might constitute a joint work of Büchel and the Museum.” A good day for artists’ rights.” Martin at Anaba also gives us another fantastically linked history of the case. Martin you are the MAN – fantastic research! I don’t know where you find the time and energy to do all the heavy work that you do – amazing!

VARA exclusively grants authors of works that fall under the protection of the Act the following rights
right to claim authorship
right to prevent the use of one’s name on any work the author did not create
right to prevent use of one’s name on any work that has been distorted, mutilated, or modified in a way that would be prejudicial to the author’s honor or reputation
right to prevent distortion, mutilation, or modification that would prejudice the author’s honor or reputation

(OK, I’m having fun with the NYPost style headlines – you’ll just have to deal…)

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