Another Adjustment to Reality

IN our recent Color Series (which we will continue throughout this year) there was a lot of discussion about Reality. And I thought that this might be something to explore as we move forward into 2010. Maybe 21st Century abstract painting can become a new “realist” movement? How great would that be? Anyway, I thought that we could explore some issues that keep arising about “reality” – what is real, what isn’t, what defines it, what suspends it – all those sorts of things. So, let’s begin with this piece by Doug Glanville, a former major league basball player, whose career was impacted by the “steroids of 99.” I think that this is a straight forward account of some distinctions between what one believes or wants to believe and what is real or seems to be real. The further parts of his discussion are the moral and ethical implications of the choices that one makes – what becomes real as one chooses, and how long those realities may or may not last. Reality it seems is constantly in flux, always shifting beneath our feet, and what we believe to be real, may indeed, prove to be a lie, and conversely, what we do not see or experience as real, very well may be.

“…the problem is, too many players made a different choice than McGwire did in the face of similar situations. I can’t claim to know exactly what he was going through during the time he decided to take steroids, but I am confident that there were other players who dealt with the same challenges and played clean.”

2 thoughts on “Another Adjustment to Reality

  1. Very interesting topic, “Reality” I am sure that this does not exist, we can not measure reality.. but great to think about it and to make related art.

    One topic I see rising again and ultimately in art will be “time”. That is also a hugely individual factor in our lives but important to everything every moment.

  2. PS I make now for the next one year every day a short video to test time for myself, just very simple almost banal observations of what seems to happen around me 😉 seems un-arty but maybe from that will spring up new ideas ;()

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