Opening Fever (mine)

I tried to go to my friend Mark Wiener’s group show opening at Danese Gallery last evening. Mark was especially jazzed about the show because it included a lot of other wonderful artists, which is probably why it was packed. The line to get in the building snaked out the door and down the block. Granted there were a number of artists in the show, but the length of the line seemed a bit strange. I have to admit, I’m not very good at dealing with crowds in small spaces, and I thought that this didn’t bode well for my claustrophobic inclinations.  I had to bag on the experience, and I felt badly for doing so, but six floors up, a crowded room full of artists, and one overcrowded/overworked elevator/stairwell just creeped me out.  I emailed Mark today to apologize, and he wrote back that the elevator had broken down with 10 people caught inside. Now this may not be any big thing for you, but for me, to have been one of those 10 poor souls, would have been a defining experience… I felt like I dodged a bullet.

Going to openings is something we’re all supposed to do. It’s part of the artist’s job description here in NYC. Sometimes it’s great, especially if your friends are enjoying themselves. But I can tell you it’s a fucking drag if you can’t deal with the teeming hordes that pack some of these places. I’ll go to an after party if I get invited, but if that gets packed too, I’ll be gone in no time. I’m not sure why I’m sharing this with you, I mean, who gives a damn, really? Chalk this up to an artist’s whinging on about nothing at all…. my apologies!

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