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Monthly Archives: January 2015

John Seed’s Back to the Future

There’s an interesting article on the Huff Post by John Seed about the situation facing, well, mainly, painting, and by extension, the now non-existent avant-garde. One of his conclusions that seems right on the money is: “The problem is that the definition of avant-garde needs to be revised to encompass and include art and artists that […]

Paul Corio Comes to Henri!

Paul Corio, artist, painter and theorist, will continue his famous gallery round up right here on Henri. As many of you know Paul has been assiduously following the gallery scene in New York City, and writing some of the best criticism about painting and abstraction that you’ll find online. His first column will be posted […]

Lindemann’s Lament

The great Adam Lindemann is discovering that toiling in the trenches is not as much fun as riding in the limo! “What’s missing today is connoisseurship, and original thinking. People can’t be bothered. They don’t have time for it or they simply don’t care. No one has patience for listening and learning; high stakes art […]

Adam Curtis’ Bitter Lake

Brilliant, troubling, beautiful and horrific. Adam Curtis’ new movie for the BBC – Bitter Lake  

Pittura Fresca

Ventana “Oysters With Lemon,” Part I. January has been a bit dreary, but Ventana brings us color, form, beauty, wit and charm! Get out to see the show!        

The Year of the Black Dog Barking!

The wonderful Orson Welles had a visceral image he would use for his recurring depression and worry. He would say the “Black Dog is barking.” And I think that’s an appropriate image for my past year. A nagging philosophical debate has been warring in my mind about the state of art, the state of the […]

The Rise and Rise of the Modernist Artist

This article originally appeared on Abstract Critical on April 2, 2014. My thanks to Sam Cornish and Robin Greenwood.  On September 15, 2008 Damien Hirst held an auction that officially ended the theoretical legacy of the 20th Century. One can honestly say that Damien’s Day was such a pivotal moment in our Post-historical culture that one can actually […]


This article originally appeared in Abstract Critical, January 23, 2013. My thanks to Sam Cornish and Robin Greenwood. “What has happened that has made images (and by image we mean any sign, work of art, inscription, or picture that acts as a mediation to access something else) the focus of so much passion? To […]