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Monthly Archives: January 2013

New Article – “Iconophilia” on Abstract Critical

I have written a new piece for Abstract Critical, a wonderful painting-directed art magazine. In the article I continue to discuss the idea of the Being/Image and our aversion to confronting this idea in abstract painting. The article also links to 3 images, Paul Strand’s Torso, de Kooning’s Woman I and Coplan’s Torso. Please make […]

A Winter Day at the Met

When the Devil is due He’ll come to collect Won’t matter What you do No tears or regrets. He comes just for you. It’s time my dear. He’s here just for you He’s come to collect his due. Mae West sang this to me in a dream – a “Lost Generation” torch song. I woke […]

JJ Makes It Official!

Jonathon Jones gets it – finally. It is the lens based world making the aesthetic decisions of our time. Henri has been discussing this issue all along while exhorting painters to wise up, find new ways of seeing and new ways of interpreting that vision in paint. Once the lens was freed from the use […]

Paul Corio on Abstract Critical

My good friend Paul Corio has written a wonderful review of the current show(s) entitled Cellblock I and Cellblock II at Andrea Rosen Gallery. Paul is incisive and thoughtful about not only the work in the show, but also Robert Hobbs’ curatorial focus for the show itself. You can check it out here: Cellblock at Andrea […]