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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Mark Wiener

In Memoriam

Shadowy Things…

Sam Cornish of Abstract Critical has included Shadowy Things and the Pulpit of Modernism, recently published in the Maximilian, in his summation of three posts that discuss recent issues facing abstract painting. “The main tensions that the articles create – between an abstract art that aspires to a radical lack of context, and one which […]

Shadowy Things and the Pulpit of Modernism

The Maximilian, a new art magazine based in Australia, has posted my new essay on some of the issues facing abstraction in the 21st Century. “This essay brings us back to painting in our digital age, discussing three significant paintings and their collision in the present day.” You can check it out here! Thanks to […]

Ripped and Scraped…

Monet had the river Epte redirected through his property to create his famous water garden. The Nymphéas were the result of this architectural landscape staging. That garden allowed him the luxury of never having to trudge through nature again, made a studio of his back yard. Monet began to rethink the possibilities of Impressionist seeing. […]