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Monthly Archives: March 2012

I didn’t get a Harumph outta that guy…

Paul Corio takes up the conversation about the Art Press on his blog-azine No Hassle at the Castle. The Cindy Sherman exhibition at MOMA has been a real eye opener. Not necessarily because of the exhibition itself but because of the uniformity of the discussion about the exhibition. I’m not just talking about whether the […]

Did I Read That Right…?

Ok. It took this long for someone to actually say some unfortunate TRUTH about the suck up Art Press. And it comes from Adam Lindemann – the almost but not quite self-hating collector of equestrian class art. As Henri pointed out in a recent post on the Cindy Sherman Show all the critics were hyperventilating […]

Art Fair Strut

This Saturday March 10 the Invisible Dog will be having an open studio/group show. Friend of Henri Giles Lyon will be a part of the experience, and we highly recommend that you catch the G train to Bergen and have a look see! Giles combines Color Field, AbEx and a really beautiful style of drawing […]