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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Working Wit’ Mercury…

If ever there was an artist that embodied the full doctrine of Postmodern ineffability Cindy Sherman is that artist. And what’s truly surprising is the lock-step conformity of the Pictures Generation as they lionize one of their own. I have never been able to go the “full Sherman” in the way that Jerry did in […]

Paul Corio at the Lapin Agile…

My friend and colleague, Paul Corio, is opening a new show of his recent work later this week at the illustrious Pratt Institute. Ok, it’s not the Lapin Agile, but I felt like Cabaret des Assassins was a bit OTT… Many of the Friends of Henri will be attending the opening to celebrate our friend, […]

Vision – Left Overs

If you haven’t played the video above you won’t get this. This scene begins with Modernism. Right there on the beach are perfect modernist abstractions. They are like sculptures that we come across in museums all over the globe. Only these are not sculptures, they’re barricades, omens for the coming day. Inside the landing craft […]