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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Romantic Vision – Opening Position

“For Nature, who abhors mannerism, has set her heart on breaking up all styles and tricks, and it is so much easier to do what one has done before than to do a new thing, that there is a perpetual tendency to a set mode.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Nominalist and Realist What you are […]

Paul Corio – Pattern Logic

I called from the street and then made my way up a few flights of stairs. This old building in Brooklyn is a working place, stuffed with “small businesses” – Asian men and women sewing piece goods in a loud crowded room on one floor. Another floor chocked full of electric machine tools ready to […]

Poke in the Eye, Punch in the Gut

Sometimes they come late to an understanding… “The ubiquity of cameras in exhibitions can be dismaying, especially when read as proof that most art has become just another photo op for evidence of Kilroy-was-here passing through. More generously, the camera is a way of connecting, participating and collecting fleeting experiences. For better and for worse, […]

Big Ups for Henri

The marvelous artist and theorist¬†George Hofmann has included Henri as one of his go to art mags! Artcritical, helmed by the indefatigable critic and round table impresario David Cohen, has begun a new series entitled Bookmarked in which artists discuss their favorite online art sites etc. George also mentions some other wonderful sites including No […]