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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Paul Corio on “Bad Painting”

Friend of Henri, the artist, theorist and painter Paul Corio, is revisiting his series on “Bad Painting”. He’s been tackling this subject in depth and poses some thoughtful questions about the subject while providing some tough insights into the theoretics behind the genre. I highly recommend you check out the entire series over at No […]

Dennis Bellone – Broken Field

“We can now modify Constable’s dictum and propose that art seeks the pure apprehension of natural fact wherever natural fact, as registered by the senses, is regarded as meaningful reality. Where it is not so interpreted we shall find some form of anti-humanist distortion, of hieratic stylization or abstraction. But—and this is crucial—such abstraction will […]

George Hofmann – Painting Life

During one of our alcohol fueled conversations on Romanticism, Paul Corio mentioned to me that his colleague, teacher and friend George Hofmann was an inspired Romantic painter and would probably have some insight into our discussions. I was anxious to get the perspective of someone who had seen and experienced the changes happening in the […]