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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Romanticism – Gray Flannel Artists

What we are doing in this ongoing series on Romanticism is adjusting your vision. We’re not interested in the usual Postmodern discussion formats or the same institutional approaches to the same kind of painting. Nor are we interested in looking back to a golden age. We are simply trying to find and describe a new […]

Memory & the Real

“Power, Corruption & Lies, released in March 1983 (by New Order), was a synthesizer-based outing and a dramatic change in sound from Joy Division and the preceding album, although the band had been hinting at the increased use of technology during the music-making process for a number of years then, including their work as Joy Division. […]

Fast Links

d richmond at Immaterial Culture is starting a series on the historical development of the art academy. “It is my opinion, that we are in a severe period of academization within the commercial art world. Not that this is news, this is a cyclic occurrence and it is a result of post modernism, post-modernism though […]

Filthy Lucre and other things…

(Warning to our more squeamish readers – This post is not necessarily about Art and it may bore you to tears – so read on at your own choosing. We’ll have more on Romanticism shortly!) The Art Circus has come to town and an endless parade of clowns are spilling out of an impossibly small […]