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Monthly Archives: October 2010


Henri has just returned from a few days in London and Paris. A quick visit with family and friends and a lot of art on tap. Against my better judgment I went to the Frieze Fair. I thought, “Hell, I’m here. Maybe it will be a bit different in a foreign land.” But I can […]

Studio – Dennis Bellone

I have been in my studio for nearly 20 years now. Hard to believe that so much time has passed, that I have gotten that much older, been married twice in that time, divorced too, now with a 9 year old I wish I could see more of, I’ve lost friends, lovers and made new […]

Studio – Carla Knopp

My entire house is a live-in studio, of about 900 square feet. The front room doubles as a viewing and drying area, the kitchen is also my winter wood shop and storage, one bedroom is filled with storage shelves, a design work table, and computer station, the other bedroom is my painting studio, 10′ x […]

Studio – Paul Corio

My studio is in Sunset Park – it’s the 2nd stop if you catch an express train into Brooklyn from Manhattan (N or D). The entire space is 28′ square, but I had a half-wall built in the center and rent out one side. It has windows which face north, plus it’s the tallest building […]

Studio – June O. Underwood

Material Reality: the Studio Life Feeling out of place on my stool at my wheeled studio table, I wrote this post — first draft — on my laptop. Ordinarily, (except for the radio/CD and the microwave) the studio contains no electronics. No cell phone, no computer, no e-book. My laptop lives in the house, as […]