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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Studio – Hans Heiner Buhr

On the Studio I think I dream, as every artist often does, of the perfect studio. The place outside of the noisy world, the place to be alone with your crap art, the place with the changing day light, with the huge ceilings, where you can wander around and think and listen to your favorite […]

Studio – New Series

The new gallery season has started here in New York, kicked off with quite a bit of fanfare. But the truth behind the big show is that things do not look that much different from the way they did last season, or the season before, or the decade before, if you like. Big money is making sure that […]

reality_more intimate

“Some think that so much of today’s art mirrors and thus criticizes decadence; not so. It’s just decadent, full stop. It serves no critical function. It is part of the problem. The Art World dutifully copies our money driven, celebrity obsessed, entertainment culture. The same fixation on fame, the same obedience to mass media that […]

Quick, Dirty and Newsy

OK, the waves are rising and some Friends of Henri have decided to surf along with the tsunami of openings! So here’s the quick and dirty scoop: Mario Naves, artist and critic, is having a show of new work at Elizabeth Harris Gallery opening on September 9. Jackie Saccoccio opens a new show with Jeffrey […]