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Monthly Archives: May 2010

the end of a long week…almost…

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POMO is the New Black

I don’t know if Ben Davis has been reading Henri, but what the hell, I’ll say it – it sure reads like he does. WELCOME Ben – c’mon in – the POMO’s fine! Or more to the point – the Demise of POMO is totally Bitchin’ Dude! Ben winds out the recent history of POMO […]

DIY Aesthetics

Lately there have been a number of artists’ DIY projects on view. Many are looking to break the monolithic mass of aesthetic sameness that clogs up the NYC gallery system. These hit and run tactics have been, well, hit or miss, but in this case, it’s definitely a hit. Michael Zahn dropped an invite to […]

Drawn to Kuniyoshi

A couple of weeks ago I went to see an exhibition at the Japan Society of one of my favorite artists, Utagawa Kuniyoshi. Truth is, I am in awe of many of the artists from the Ukiyo-e period, especially Kitigawa Utamaro. The sophistication of vision and the clarity and speed of execution in these artists’ […]


My mind is all over the place these days – no continuity of thought, whatsoever. I’m pretty sure that I know that there’s been a shitload lot of painting on show in NYC lately, and most of it looks professionally “bad,” “interior decorator” colorful and academically re-worked – as in artful pentimenti. All of this […]