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Monthly Archives: March 2010

reality_precedent addendum

A friend sent me this link to a fantastic article entitled “How Tudorphilia rescued Delaroche.” The article is about a forgotten history painter and his once “sensational” painting. In what is one of the great critical renderings of all time – “…the revolutionary poet Théophile Gautier delivered one of art history’s more damning reviews: “I […]


I came across an article online about the new ad campaign by Citroen; “[John] Lennon and [Marilyn] Monroe each appear in a 30-second spot, both encouraging viewers to use their creativity for influencing everyday life, rather than seeking inspiration in the past.” Both ads extolling the virtues of originality, innovation and change. “Once a things […]

reality_fate addendum

I think Edward Winkleman #classexhibition that’s going on at his gallery. The exhibition was designed by William Powhida and Jennifer Dalton as a critique of the current Art Market system and it has been a gathering place for dissent. The problem with this exhibition and this “dissent” is that I haven’t read or seen much […]


“Among artists, we no longer know what to say to each other, we don’t know if we ought to laugh or cry about it, and doing, my word, neither one thing nor the other we are happiest when we find ourselves in possession of a little paint and canvas, the thing we also lack sometimes. […]


The other day I was having a conversation about the state of the art world. The person I was talking with suggested I should be a little less impassioned about the state of things – “Mark, you need to relax.” The problem is whenever someone tells me to relax, I know they aren’t concerned about […]