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Monthly Archives: February 2010

David Shields

Reality Hunger is now available! “An open call for new literary and other art forms to match the complexities of the twenty-first century.” Highly recommended!

reality_night studio

I’m fooling myself, Fooling myself into believing you All these fictionary tales, You’re telling yourself Selfish, like a child that’s never heard of no I watched him everchanging you, Never find us It’s 1:37 A.M. on a cold January night. You’re alone in a small half empty club, the walls painted black, thick smell of […]

reality_the camera

…But there is something about making a movie… when you are in the reality of the film set, anything is possible. …because the truth of it is, I love the camera…. On Massive Attack’s web site there are a number of links to short movies scored with music from their new album, in other words, […]

Guilty Pleasure

The French have their own ideas about space adventures, and they are always Postmodern cool. I have to admit that this movie, The Fifth Element, is one of my guilty pleasures. A trip to Italy in the 90s was rife with TV advertising and kiosk posters for Il Quinto Elemento con Bruce Willis – heavy […]