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Monthly Archives: January 2010


Yesterday was a day of nudging reminders and grudging to-do lists. The upshot of all this mundane ephemera has been a new focus in the studio. As a good friend of mine said yesterday – it’s time to get out and about mate. So let’s see where that will lead and I’ll keep you updated […]

Buchel-ed Up

Wow! Lots of legal stuff going on these days. Buchel’s case against Mass MOCA was reversed in the appellate courts. Donn Zaretsky mentions the decision as a win for artists. “The Court forcefully held that VARA applies to unfinished works, and clearly rejected Mass MoCA’s “contention … that the unfinished installation might constitute a joint […]

Winter Doldrums

It is deader than dead here in NYC – as far as art goes. The biggest story this month has been that some poor woman accidently fell into an early Picasso at the MET, and now, everyone seems to have an opinion on how to fix the painting. I’ll tell you the truth it isn’t […]

TFU – Fairey Dust

That’s right – Totally Fucked Up. OK, I went for the NYPost kind of headline, but I couldnt resist.  Shepard Fairey is facing a bit more trouble with his case. Donn Zaretsky at the Art Law Blog (fantastic blog for real world issues in the art  world) has been following the case, and it seems […]

Another Adjustment to Reality

IN our recent Color Series (which we will continue throughout this year) there was a lot of discussion about Reality. And I thought that this might be something to explore as we move forward into 2010. Maybe 21st Century abstract painting can become a new “realist” movement? How great would that be? Anyway, I thought […]

Shepard-izing Precedent

Over at the Art Law Blog Donn Zaretsky has been keeping an eye out for the Shepard Fairey fair use case with the AP. It seems Shepard has not been very forthcoming with his use of sources in his most famous artwork. And on top of that he has done his level best to cover […]

Brawndo Corporation Simply Bought the FDA…

And the FCC. “Sweeping aside a century-old understanding and overruling two important precedents, a bitterly divided Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections.” It’s official – the corporations can now buy the government. I guess the debate over issues of conflicts of interest […]

Middle Aged Prats

I have been wondering why there’s such an aversion to the middle aged. Most of my life, I have to admit, anything approaching middle age instantly set off my stink eye. I’m sure a few years on the couch will unwind this, but for now, I thought I’d discuss it publicly. As I approach my […]

David Shields – Reality Hunger: A Manifesto

Like most things these days I came across David Shield’s work through links and links of links. June Underwood mentioned a Zadie Smith article that mentioned David’s work in a comment, and I was off to the races. Reality or “finding reality” has been an issue in the studio and we’ve discussed the implications of […]

Opening Fever (mine)

I tried to go to my friend Mark Wiener’s group show opening at Danese Gallery last evening. Mark was especially jazzed about the show because it included a lot of other wonderful artists, which is probably why it was packed. The line to get in the building snaked out the door and down the block. Granted […]