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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Color, Light & Space – Expanded

We are about to expand our discussion on Color, Light and Space with other artists (of all kind,) theorists, and writers. Tomorrow, we will begin this broader discussion with a fantastic essay by Alan Kirby. He is a cultural theorist and author of the book Digimodernism: How New Technologies Dismantle the Postmodern and Reconfigure Our […]

Alpha & Omega

To think, that in one day, I would read these alpha and omega stories which bring into sharp contrast the disparities of the art world. The alpha world points to the fact that the trillion plus dollar government stimulus plan has averted a financial catastrophe for those wealthy enough to live lavishly from their investment […]


OK. I was urged by Henri & Co. to weigh in on this issue as it is still being batted around the cage. These days I’m hesitant to open my big mouth because I’ve gotten tired of hopping on one foot. I worry that all this blather about money begins to sound like a loop […]

Color: Simulation

…Eugene Delacroix, occupied one day in painting yellow drapery, tried in vain to give it the desired brilliancy and said to himself: “How did Rubens and Veronese find such brilliant and beautiful yellows?” He resolved to go to the Louvre, and ordered a carriage. It was in 1830, when there were in Paris many cabs […]

Hell and Other Things

The other day as I was loitering around the exit ramp of Hell – as you do – I happened to glance downward just in time to see a snowball roll right up to my shoes. Wow! How did that happen? Later that same day as I was reading the Times on my way back from my pointless work day in the putrid pits […]