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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Geezer Throwdown!

Dave Hickey’s recent SVA speech seems to have ticked off Charlie Finch. And in grand fashion Charlie comes out swinging – “bulbous phony,” “fraud,” “vulgar vanity by association,” “Mr. Lazy” and those are the tamer associations. I love stuff like this because it means the frayed edges of the art world are coming loose. When […]


I had begun this post as something else – which is how it usually happens when I write. I kind of circle in on an idea until it gels – then I have to start again. I paint in the same way unfortunately. Nothing ever arrives full blown like Athena did from Zeus’ forehead. I […]

They’re Off!

The new season in the art world has started, and it reminded me of this sketch by the Pythons. The gun has gone off and no one seems to know that they have to get moving. There are a number of back room shows that have been moved to the front – the best example […]

…among the borrowed and the second-hand…

The new season has started here in New York. The galleries are promoting their openings like crazy – mass emailings, twitters, facebooks, a few greased palms, publicity in all forms, nudity when appropriate, and especially, when inappropriate, the promise of exchange-value sex, the ramping up of desire for both art and the things of art […]

Rough Trade – Vision: Color, Light & Space

Freed from the necessity of having to make narrow choices (as painters did) about what images were worth contemplating, because of the rapidity with which cameras recorded anything, photographers made seeing into a new kind of project: as if seeing itself, pursued with sufficient avidity and single-mindedness, could indeed reconcile the claims of truth and […]